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2013-2014 Season:



Look at what the trail cam picked up on our leases:

DEER SEASON 2013-2014

Outfitting for whitetails can be a great ego leveler and this year certainly proved this fact to Sheri and me.  The 2012-13 seasons followed a severe drought with most of the crops out of the fields in September. The lack of sufficient late summer and early fall also resulted in poor foodplot growth. This coupled with a severe outbreak of EHD that killed lots of deer in our area and really hit the bucks hard really had Sheri and me apprehensive about the season.  With all those problems we ended with 7 bucks over 164” one of our best seasons. Go figure!    

This year we had adequate moisture and good growth in the foodplots. We got a good number of big bucks on trail cameras.  We only drew two bowhunters both of which had taken good bucks over 160” with us previously and were willing to pass good bucks waiting for the “ONE.”   The first day Jeff rattled in 7 bucks and they both saw a number of good bucks during the course of their hunt. Jeff finally took a 158 6/8” buck while John passed on several 140 -150” class bucks and just couldn’t get a close shot at one of several real “boomer” bucks he saw.  He went home without a buck but is already booked for next year. 

Sheri worked hard at removing coyotes from the leases between bow season and the firearms season which cut down on the number of evening hunts affected by these four legged deer killers.  She also caught enough possums to earn the moniker the “possum queen” and we didn’t have a single instance of possums ruining a client’s deer hunt nor did we find a possum killed deer on our leases. 

The weather warmed up and farmers were slow in getting crops out.  The first firearms season opened with warm weather and slow deer movement for the first couple days and then the weather cooled down and deer started moving and we killed several good bucks.  However the movement was sporadic and bucks hard to pattern.  The second firearms season was much the same and when the weather did turn and the deer started moving our clients had a bit of trouble hitting them for some reason?  Clients missed FOUR shooter bucks one day, something we had never experienced in 18 years of outfitting in Iowa.  Had one monster buck 190” plus walk across an open cornfield 100 yards from a hunter and he couldn’t get his muzzleloader to cock. Needless to say we never got a client within range of that buck again although several hunters saw him at a distance, too far for a shot. Both Sheri and I were wondering if we shouldn’t take up another line of work after that day.  

During the late season the weather continued to stay warm and the little snow that was on the ground melted off leaving the soybeans and corn on the harvested fields readily available for the deer.  It was obvious that the deer preferred feed on the ground left over from the harvest rather than the unharvested corn and beans in our foodplots.   Another problem on our best lease was the fact that the farmer left several soybean fields that he didn’t get harvested.  The thirteen acres of unharvested soybeans spread the deer out even more than the bare ground and made it even more difficult to cover all the food sources with the limited number of hunters in camp. 

One evening I glassed 65 deer, including one 165” buck and two 140” bucks, in one of our biggest and best soybean foodplots.  The next evening a client hunted over the plot and saw 6 does and a forky. The late season was one of the most frustrating I’ve ever had and about drove Sheri up the wall with the variables presented by the unfathomable conditions. Our clients saw a number of big bucks but they were almost impossible to pattern and get on.   The weather was as erratic as the deer.  One day it was 52’ and a couple days later it was -35’. 

On another evening I took Jimmy Connor, owner of Darkwoods Blinds, who had taken his buck the previous evening to a foodplot where we had been seeing lots of does and small bucks but no shooters.  Figured if the situation presented itself I’d let Jimmy shoot a doe at the last minute.  Hah!  We sat in the truck 100 yards from the foodplot and at one time there were 13 BUCKS in the foodplot  including at least four shooters and one 160” massive antlered 11 point.  Jimmy swears I took him there on purpose to chide him for not waiting for a monster and to get him to book a future hunt.  Worked like a charm as he’s booked for year after next.  The next evening a client shot a 140” buck on the plot, the only buck that came in. 

The weather stayed warm and moisture less during the latter late season and Sheri, Charlie, Cole and I had a tough time even killing does.  At the end of the season we had lots of corn, soybeans and turnips left in our foodplots. When the cold and miserable weather finally hit Iowa a couple weeks to late to do us any good, the deer clobbered the foodplots and completely cleaned them up.   

Next fall we will have Ouija board in camp so we can better plan our day’s hunting and have some help in outguessing those damnable whitetail bucks.  The good thing about the 2013-14 season is that we saw lots of bucks in the 120-130” class that should be shooters for the coming 2014-15 season.  As frustrating as the season was for Sheri and me, the hunters all saw enough good bucks to want to come back and almost all of them rebooked future hunts with ITWO.  



As usual, we learned a bit more about the idiosyncrasies of those big Iowagian deer so maybe next fall we'll have them figured a bit better.












2011/2012 Hunt Photos:   



For Previous Year's Trophy Shots - please see our ITWO Trophy Photos Page.

In order to keep these web pages loading at a reasonable rate, we are only showing 140+ bucks
for gun seasons and 130+ bucks for archery seasons.

photographed this Whitetail buck in one of our foodplots on   November 4. The next day, one of my bowhunters spotted another 10-point in the same foodplot.

1 acre foodplot with 65 deer feeding in evening between 1st & 2nd firearm seasons. Seven bucks in plot four of which were 140" plus 



If you are interested in a hunt for 2014/2015 or booking early for 2015/2016 call NOW!

What's included:
Our hunts are full package hunts including meals, lodging, guiding, blinds, treestands, trophy care,
transportation during the hunt, and pickup and return to Omaha's Eppley Airfield.

Bowhunts are six day hunts with a maximum number of 6 bowhunters per hunt. 

Shotgun/muzzleloader hunts and primitive weapons (bow/muzzleloader/handgun)
are 5 day hunts with a limit of 6 hunters per hunt for the first and second firearm hunts.
Limit of 5 hunters per hunt for the late season hunts.
We do not have any antler size or trophy restrictions. This is your hunt,
and you are the only person you have to satisfy with the deer you harvest.                   

What's not included: 
The cost does not include your non-resident deer license currently $560.68 is the total for the deer
tag, required small game license, habitat stamp, and drawing fees. If you do not draw,

(Subject to change depending on whims of DNR)
We Hunt Zone 3 Exclusively



 2014/2015 Hunt Dates:
    Bowhunt:  Approximate dates: 
          Archery Hunts will run from October 25 thru November 15, 2014                    Once you draw your license, we can work out specific dates
          to fit individual schedules.
          December 6 - December 10, 2014  - FULL           
          December 14 - December 18, 2014 - FULL

    Late Season Primitive Weapon (Bow/Muzzleloader/Handgun): 
          December 27 - December 31, 2014 - FULL
         January 3 - January 7, 2015 - FULL

 2015/2016 Hunt Dates:
    Bowhunt:  Approximate dates: 
          Archery Hunts will run from October 24 thru November 14, 2015
         Once you draw your license, we can work out specific dates
          to fit individual schedules.
          December 5 - December 9, 2015           
          December 12 - December 16, 2015

    Late Season Primitive Weapon (Bow/Muzzleloader/Handgun): 
          December 27 - December 31, 2015 - FULL
         January 3 - January 7, 2016 - FULL


Pricing for 2014/2015 Iowa Trophy Whitetail Hunts:

Description Days Price
 Bowhunts  6  $3250.00
 Shotgun/Muzzleloader/Handgun  5  $3500.00
 Late Season  5  $3500.00
 Non-Hunting Guest
 (space available only)
 per day  $150.00

      You can purchase a preference point during the preceding year's drawing for $50.00 which will virtually
        guarantee you a license in our area for the following year.
        See preference point information on ITWO page.

Ready to book?
E-mail us at  or call us 8 a.m.- 8 p.m. mountain time Monday through Saturday. 
We'll hold a spot for you for 10 days giving your deposit time to arrive.  We accept checks or money orders. 
Sorry, No Credit Cards.

Once we have received your deposit (50% of the hunt price) you will receive a written
contract stating hunt dates, etc. All deposits are non-refundable unless you do not draw a tag once Iowa's
drawing is complete. License and application fees are due in our office by May 1st.  Balance of the hunt
is due 45 days prior to arrival. You may send a personal or business check, money order or
cashiers check. We do not accept credit cards. If you fail to draw a deer tag, you can stay booked
in the same slot for the next year or get a refund. A refund means you no longer have a hunt booked with ITWO.

License fees are now $560.68 and include a small game license which is required by Iowa. 
You can now hunt game birds, waterfowl, small game and predators in Iowa
during your hunt, if time allows. We take care of all applications and drawing procedures.
The deadline for all applications is the first part of June with draw results available in late June.
                  Click here to see our past hunters with their bucks!  

             Check out this web site for your taxidermy needs in Iowa:             

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